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Search Marketing | While much deserved attention is given to local SEO and SEM, showing up in search results is only half the job. Google performed a study that demonstrated very little correlation between usage or traffic and influence. In other words, just because people frequently find your business doesn’t mean they choose your business or buy from your business. Rather, influence is …

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SEO | Too many marketers still bring SEO in at the end of a content marketing project. They finish a blog post or finalize a new marketing campaign, and at the end of the line, SEO comes in to find related keywords and plug them into content. Unfortunately, this approach is outdated and completely ineffective. Robust, …

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SEO Agency | Ten years ago, referring to content on a page as “SEO content” was often appropriate. Keyword density was still a strong factor for ranking page content, and SEO professionals struggled with achieving SEO objectives while still providing an engaging content experience for the customer. Today, we still occasionally hear content requested and/or developed by teams …

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SEO Agency | Before you start exploring voice search, make sure you’ve optimized your site images as fully as possible. While a lot of energy is being spent trying to figure out how to take advantage of the anticipated growth in emerging areas like voice search, there is a much easier search medium that seems to …

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SEM Agency | AdWords is a brutal marketplace for many B2B businesses. There’s low search volume and high competition, resulting in extremely expensive CPCs — not good. Instead of burning your cash on expensive and ineffective ads, consider these five AdWords tweaks and strategies that any company can implement immediately. 1. Start with negative keywords Homing in on the …

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