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 Leading Versus Managing Clients and Client Meetings

“Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it,” said Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Leading is about persuasion, influence, and the ability to motivate. It’s not about what projects are completed, but about what has been accomplished.

Eisenhower also made this point clear: “You do not lead by hitting people over the head — that’s assault, not leadership.”

This is an important distinction to make as we consider whether the account management role is dying in agencies.

Part of the problem is that we need more skilled account managers who are trained to lead accounts, rather than simply take orders from clients. But first, we need to understand the difference between the two.

“The most simple distinction is it’s the difference between doing what the client asked you to do versus seeing what the client needs you to do,” said Sheila Campbell. “It’s not always the same thing.”


Note:  The importance of weekly client meetings

Weekly Meeting Success Planner – Section 1 –


- Section 1 - Opening Remarks | Pleasantries

Suggestion: YOU are the GUIDE on this call, set the tone from the beginning.  Use open ended questions to get their perspective on goals/pacing/etc.  Tell me about…How is pacing going…What are your thoughts about this month…

Start with small talk, but ask client about Goal Pacing for current month. (i.e. how are we “tracking” for hitting our goal on the desired # of cars to be sold this month)

Let that help you lead into where you go next in the meeting.

Note:  Listen Carefully to the client and get him/her talking about their OWN successes for the week/month.

-Section 2 - Digital Highlights (PPC/WPO/Social)

Quick Hightlights and Snippits: (Macro and Broad Content)

  • GA:  Your Users are up 28% over this time last year
  • TapClicks/Wordstream:  You are pacing to hit your highest conversion rate ever with the campaign
  •  You have moved up 2 positions on keyword ______)
  • Facebook:  Your post(s), “_____” performed better than ___ of all of your other posts.
  • Google My Business:  You received “X” number of visits from your Google Map/Google Plus page to your site this month.

Based on where the client is to goal (coming from the client), used your best judgement on ideas, successes in SEO, ranking position, etc.) Use any positive updates and highlights from SEM Rush and/or Wordstream:


  1. SEM Rush Ranking Position Changes
  2. SEM Rush Competitor Update (ask client input)
  3. SEM Rush:  Show latest updates on “warning, issues, and errors” if complete
  4. Wordstream:  Customized PPC Weekly Success Grader
  5. Wordstream:  Customized PPC Report Card Grader
  6. MyLocalReports:  Detailed Report from DrivenLocal
  7. Facebook Insights:
  8. Google My Business (Google Plus)

Note:  Google Analytics and/or Tapclicks is used ONLY for “Support” of the actual call and NOT the basis of the meeting!

-Section 3 - Client Meeting Follow-up

Review Previous Meeting from last week, and 2 weeks ago:

Notes:   By this time, you should have reviewed your meeting notes/email summary from the previous 2 weeks.

  1. Were ALL items that were “assigned” to Account Manager complete?
  2. Were ALL items that were “assigned” to Client Contact complete?

See Link On Effective Client Meetings:  Click Here:

-Section 4 - Conversion Check-Up

Campaign Successes/Challenges

  1. Highlight ALL Month To Date and Weekly Client Successes from campaign: Update Client Lead Tracker Sheet
    • Conversion Goals
    • # of phone calls from PPC
      • ask for feedback on calls you have spot checked.  Update Notes In System/TapClicks
    • # of organic phone calls
      • ask for feedback on calls you have spot checked.  Update Notes In System/TapClicks
    • # of form submissions
      • ask for feedback on recent submissions
    • # of emails from website
      • ask for feedback on emails from website:
    • # of Live Chat Leads from website (organic and PPC)
  2. Were ALL items that were “assigned” to Client Contact complete?
  3. Discuss Any Campaign Challenges with client.
    • Conversion Goals Not Met:
      • Discuss YOUR plan to update campaign in order to meet client goals for month
      • Follow up with recap email to client.

See Link On Effective Client Meetings:  Click Here:

-Section 5 - WPO (Only) Deep Dive

(Google Analytics Review) –

(Micro Look, i.e.  if you mentioned something about “sessions” or “users” in your Quick Highlights section, this is where you break it down and dive deeper, uncover the “why” is that metric doing better)

  • Review Sessions and compare to previous period or previous year
  • Review Users (Unique as well) and compare to previous period or previous year
  • Review Goals Completed
  • Review All “Referral Traffic”
    • Inform Client what “else” is working to bring traffic and conversions to their site
  • Review “Segmentation” of Spam if applicable.
-Section 6 -PPC Deep Dive

PPC Recap, Updates, and Review

  • Review Wordstream 
    • Client Success Report: Make SURE report is customized with MMG Branded Logo.
    • Go Over Top Performing Paid Keywords (show client)
    • Go Over Top Performing Ads (show client)
    • Go Over current CTR Versus Goal
    • Go Over current CPC Versus Goal
    • Go Over Conversions and Conversion Goals
    • Go Over # of “revisions” and/or “actions” for Month To Date Task(s) complete

wordstreamdemo1wordstreamdemo5 wordsteamdemo4 wordsteamdemo3 wordstreamdemo2

  • Review SEM Rush Project
    • Go Over Ranking Position Movements
    • Go Over Competitor Position Movements
      • Are there any other competitors to “add?”
      • Are there any competitors loosing or gaining ground?
    • Go Over Completed “issues” or “errors” that have been resolved (see below in green font)
    • Go Over “SEO Ideas” in SEM Rush:  Explain what will be worked on prior to next call
      • Copy SEO Account Manager on client email recap, along with Market Manager


-Section 7 -Next Steps